A Decade of Inspiring Success


This year’s apprentices will mark the tenth class to participate in the Ailes Apprentice Program, making 2014 a very special anniversary year. Mr. Ailes’ distinguished diversity program has seen much success in the past ten years, with many of its graduates making great strides in their careers.

Over the past decade, the program has expanded, providing even more unique opportunities for its members than ever before. In addition, the Ailes Apprentice Program continues to team up with colleges, universities and charter schools to create special programs that will help usher in a new level of commitment to diversifying the broadcast industry.

As the tenth class prepares to begin their journey, we are proud to recognize all those who have made the Ailes Apprentice Program what it is today. Most of all, we thank everyone for their dedication throughout the years, and for helping the Ailes Apprentice Program to Inspire Success.