Our Mission

FOX News is committed to supporting and promoting diversity in broadcast and cable journalism. As part of our ongoing efforts, we have pioneered programs that have enriched careers and have helped to build the next generation of media programming and technical executives as well as anchors and reporters.

We believe that to be truly effective, a diversity program must be committed to providing opportunity and access for those who exhibit the talent and desire to succeed.

Our company’s culture is rooted in our commitment to develop our employees. Since its creation in 2003, the Ailes Apprentice Program further expands this mission. Through hands-on training, comprehensive mentoring, development seminars and partnerships with key universities, we continue our pledge to nurture diverse talent in broadcast and cable journalism.

The ultimate goal of our diversity programs is to provide lasting life changes for individuals and continued success for our company.

I am proud of our company’s achievements and I am even more proud of the individual achievements of our apprentices, who are part of these programs and who are helping to change the face of television. Our mission is to inspire success.

- Roger Ailes, Chairman & CEO Fox News

Program Features

What is the Ailes Apprentice Program?

- A one-year program with a full-time job that includes competitive salary and full benefits
- Monthly meetings with a dedicated mentor to discuss performance and career goals
- Private lunch with Chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes
- Development meetings with FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network executives and on-air talent to network and get exposure to various parts of the company
- Meetings and special online seminars with Ailes Apprentice Program Patrons that help build connections and present different aspects of media, politics and the business world
- Extra opportunities such as job shadows and invitations to networking events
- Special graduation program during which apprentices are presented with a bonus and commemorative gift
- Lifetime membership in the Ailes Apprentice Program and access to the program’s exclusive website, providing featured content and networking opportunities to apprentices past and present

How can I get into the program?

The Ailes Apprentice Program is a competitive program that aims to find and develop top diversity candidates. Any current freelance employee, staff employee or former intern may be or is eligible. A candidate for the program must be in good standing with the company and be recommended by his or her manager. Candidates must provide updated resumes and will be interviewed by the Human Resources department before the final selections are made.

For those interested in the Ailes Apprentice Program who are currently not in any of the above categories, visit Fox News Careers at foxnews.com/careers.

How can I get more information?

  • Internal candidates: See a member of the Human Resources department
  • External candidates: Visit Fox News Careers at foxnews.com/careers